Accelerating The Transformation Of
Your Industries With Our
Smart Manufacturing Solutions

Innoquad unlocks the level of complexities faced in industries. We excel in revolutionising the industries as manufacturing, oil & gas, logistics, transportation and more with the help of devices, cloud & data analytics. We make an organised approach for digital transformation which connects and secures assets, provides proper data & enables scalability to the IIoT platform, transforming it into a hub of opportunities & making it more efficient & smarter.

Making smart manufacturing solutions for your industries

Connected Manufacturing

Improving the quality of the product & increasing the safety of workers with the help of our solutions, also making connected sensors & devices into a production facility.

Dynamic Equipment Maintenance

Lowering the accidental breakdowns & maintenance cost with the help of advanced machinery inspection.

Connected Logistics

You can streamline & secure storage, dispatch & shipment of goods with the help of RFID tags, sensors & robots.

Smart Buildings

Smart control of HVAC, lighting & humidity in your buildings can create pleasant climate conditions for your employees & inventory. Save energy & maintenance costs by reducing the power consumption via automated controls & error prediction.

Pollution Control

Save the environment by controlling the levels of water & air pollution with the help of sensors & alarms.

Smart Farming, Agriculture and Forestry

Enhance the usage of land and agricultural outputs with the help of our smart irrigation and cultivation techniques, detailed forecasting and improved monitoring of crops and livestock.

Digital Oil Rig

With the help of improved seismic analysis, increased rig time & pressure monitoring, lower your lifting costs.

Energy Consumption Management

Smart electricity grids & smart meters help you to control power consumption & save energy.

Smart Transportation

Monitoring of roads, speed & location tracking, remote diagnostics and fuel-saving devices make your vehicle transportation safer, more reliable & convenient.

We raise the bar of your industries with our services

We collaborate with device manufacturers to provide endeavour adopters with the help of high-level programming which is our strength & making it a complete solution for your industries by providing services such as:

Software for industrial sensors, gateways and devices
Integration with ERP, DAM, CRM and other systems
Interfaces for connected devices
Web and mobile end-user apps with custom UI and UX
Big Data, BI and visualization