Transforming Homes
For A Better Tomorrow

We have heard of smartphones, smartwatches, smart cameras, so why not make your own house a smart home?
Our smart home solutions will help you to make your life simpler by just controlling all your home appliances & gadgets with just one click from your smartphone. So if you ever forget to switch off your room lights, you don’t have to worry as now you can control every segment of your home from anywhere around the world where there’s an internet connection.

We make your home look smarter with our comprehensive functionality

Smart Home Monitoring
Smart Home Security & Control
Health Monitoring
Smart Home Applications

Smart Home Monitoring

Be mesmerised with our smart home monitoring feature which helps you to stay connected with your homes and dear ones.
Devices Used :
Lighting and HVAC: light and temperature sensors, switches, sockets, smart thermostats, heaters, air conditioners
Consumer electronics: washers, microwaves, ovens, refrigerators, smart curtains

Smart Home Security & control

Be relaxed & feel safe with the technology used for smart homes.
Personal safety: Safety door locks, smoke detectors, CO and CO2 detectors, emergency buttons
Energy control: smart grids and smart meters.

Health Monitoring

We all know health is wealth, so we do care about your health & to stay fit we provide various health monitoring devices for you.

  • Heart rate monitors
  • Glucometers
  • Smart furniture
  • Fitness bands and other Home appliances

Smart Home Applications

We make sure to cover every aspect of smart home applications, with:

  • Smooth integration without harming the environment
  • Flexibility
  • Seamless performance across software & devices
  • Security
  • User friendly & intuitiveness