LoRa Module

The India Band LoRa Module

  • Our¬†India Band LoRa Module (TIBLR Module) is the only LoRa Module which leverages the full power extended by WPC, DoT, Government of India.
  • The LoRa Module transmits at upto 30dBm and also boosts reception over the regular LoRa range. Additionally, we provide high gain antenna (upto 6dBi) for a total radiated EIRP of 36dBm.
  • The module in same size, comes in two flavours — with an onboard MCU (STM32L1XX) or external high performance Cortex-M4 STM32F405.
  • We support both LoRaWAN and non-LoRaWAN modes.
  • Our modules can also be used as a low end gateway for simple applications.